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What does BrainCare offer?

We provide neurologists with intelligent data to make smarter diagnostics and treatment planning for people with epilepsy. Our novel implant technology, UltimateEEG™ is capable of long-term, continuously recording clinical and subclinical seizure activity. Our SOENIA™ Epilepsy Diary is a complementing medical device that allows the patients to report their perspectives. All data is securely delivered to our medically compliant Cloud.

"More data — Better treatment — Happier Life"

SOENIA™ Epilepsy Diary

The world's first epilepsy application with a medical device rating. It is CE marked and medical device class I type A compliant. It replaces a handwritten seizure diary with an app that syncs the data straight to the SOENIA™ Epilepsy Cloud.

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SOENIA™ Epilepsy Cloud

A secure cloud portal, from which the treating medical personnel can view all the Epilepsy Diary entries of all the patients shared with them. Comes integrated with visual filtering tools to quickly summarize the data and help with medical diagnostics.

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Encevis® EEG software

Encevis® provides automatic EEG-analysis for clinical applications. The software provides next generation artifact removal, seizure localization, seizure and spike detection, and real-time EEG monitoring for critical care.

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European Health Catapult

EIT Health 2017 finalist

BrainCare Oy was one of the finalists in the European Health Intitute's European Health Catapult 2017 pitch competition. BrainCare was also the only young company in the MedTech category to make it to the finals. See our finals video by clicking below.

EIT Finals

Epilepsy nurse Satu Hietala

SOENIA™ - a nurse's perspective

SOENIA™ Epilepsy Diary has been in use in Tampere university hospital since 2015. The neurology department's long-term epilepsy nurse, Satu Hietala, shares her views on SOENIA™ software.

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About our epilepsy solutions

Our novel epilepsy solutions aim to provide a better quality of life for people suffering from epilepsy. BrainCare's services have been built from the ground up to fulfill this goal.

Built with doctors and people with epilepsy

Our epilepsy product concepts originated from the need of epileptologists and people with epilepsy. We are actively gathering feedback and improving our services based on them.

Medical grade service

SOENIA™ Epilepsy Diary is the world's first epilepsy related smartphone application with a medical device status. We are also preparing our HIPAA documentation for the US markets.

Manufactured in Finland

All of our products are CE-marked and approved for use inside the EU. All of SOENIA™ related manufacturing and coding are done in Tampere, Finland.


Our epilepsy software provides a variety of advantages compared to conventional treatment and monitoring methods, hence saving time and money from the patient and doctor.

Real-time monitoring

Our SOENIA™ Epilepsy Diary & Cloud provide epilepsy patients the opportunity to digize their seizure reporting. No more hand-written diaries or printed logs — Your seizures sync straight to the cloud, where the data is analyzed and presented to your doctor.

This provides the doctor the ability to monitor your seizure behavior in real-time and make diagnostic decisions based on need, rather than scheduling check-up visits to review your diary.

Automated diagnostics

Rather than counting the patient's seizures by hand, the medical staff can see the real-time situation by looking at the patient's profile in the SOENIA™ Cloud. In the cloud, the doctor can review seizure information based on desired attributes, such as: type, label, duration, location, etc. The data can be quickly filtered to show a monthly, weekly or an annual view.

Seizure statistics

Automatic calculation of total numerical values for different seizure types, labels and durations.

Visual tools

The visual statistical tools help the medical staff to quickly understand the big picture.

No installs

Our SOENIA™ Cloud service works on any regular browser. The data processing and filtering based on the medical staff's needs are done in the cloud. Using the cloud service therefore does not depend on the device performance or installments to the disk drive.

The cloud users login to our service with a secure USB-key. BrainCare Oy uses the same technology trusted by big companies such as Facebook® and Google®.

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